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Star Spangled AMERICA

Crossland Gallery @ 500 W. Paisano
On display through Saturday, August 4

Special Thank you to Gary & Andra Crossland

Congrats to the Winners!
1. Best in Show - Mario Ulloa
2. First Place - Bert Saldana
3. Second Place - Mark Yerrington
4. Third Place - Robert Dozal
5. Crossland Award - Mark Yerrington
6. Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust Award - Jean Holzenthaler
7. Benavidez-Patterson 82nd “All Airborne” Award - Jill Font
8. Benavidez-Patterson 82nd “All Airborne” Award - Christina Huber
9. Benavidez-Patterson 82nd “All Airborne” Award - Ramiro Ordonez
10. Judges Award - Linda Szilvasy
11. Judges Award - Susan Guile
12. Judges Award - Cesar Barraza
13. Honorable Mention - Victoria Hernandez
14. Honorable Mention - Leti Ortiz
15. Honorable Mention - Hector Castillo
16. Honorable Mention - Seph Torres
17. Honorable Mention - Darrell McGahhey

Exhibiting Artists Include: Cesar Barraza,  Hector Castillo, Robert Dozal ,Jill Font, Joseph Gilbert, Calixto, Manny Guerra, Susan Guile, Victoria Hernandez, Jean Holzenthaler, Christina Huber, Kirsten Jedamczik, John W. MacKenzie, Patricia M. McDermott, Darrell McGahhey, Ramiro Ordonez, Leti Ortiz, Lisa Rains, Bert Saldana, Marina Savitsky, Joyce Simmons, Linda Szilvasy, Seph Torres, Vanessa Clark, Connie Weaver, Mark Yerrington 


The EPAA is happy and honored to announce Bob Snead as this year's judge. Bob is a highly decorated retired veteran of 30 years of military service . Bob earned 41 air medals, 3 Purple Hearts, 3 Vietnam Crosses of Gallantry with Silver medals, 2 Bronze Stars with V Devices, the Combat Infantry Badge, Senior Parachutist's Badge and the Master Aviator Badge. 

His paintings hang in the Texas Governor's Mansion as well as around the world.  He was appointed Artist-In-Residence for the University of Texas at El Paso­ African American Studies in 1998. "The Errand of Corporal Ross," painted by Snead was selected as the model for the Buffalo Soldier Memorial erected at Fort Bliss in 1998. On November 5, 1999, Bob Snead was inducted into the El Paso International Hall of Fame for Visual Arts.


Call with questions: 915.534.7377

 Painting by Bert Saldana

Painting by Bert Saldana

 Painting by Ramiro Ordonez

Painting by Ramiro Ordonez


International Eye of the Camera

@ International Museum of Art
211 Montana, El Paso

On display through Sunday, August 1

Judge: Manuel Rosas

Photos of the opening are at Facebook.

Congratulations to the winners!

1. Best in Show Lance Levine - Man at Cross, New Mexico
2. First Place Carl Maier - White Sands Wall
3. Second Place Heidi Phillips - Atlantic Hammock
4. Third Place Leti Ortiz – Heart and Soul
5. Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust Jarred Cynor – Lingering
6. Allen Sheffield Memorial Award Lewis Woodyard – Terminal
7. El Paso Scene Cover Award – Sarah Russell – Tularosa Valley
8. Judges Award Heidi Phillips - The Old Dance Hall
9. Judges Award Kurt Van Wagner - U Bein Foot Bridge, Myanmar
10. Judges Award Karen Lee – Canyon de Chelly
11. Honorable Mention Ronald Wolfe – Still Life
12. Honorable Mention Avi Kotkowski - Harmony
13. Honorable Mention Nicholas Luchenbill – Day 500
14. Honorable Mention Sarah Russell - Alba a Venezia
15. Selfie Award – Laurie Sayward – Say Yes to Love

Exhibiting Photographers Include:

Kelly Briarton, John Collins, Jarred Cynor, Esther Duncan, Nina Eaton, Rudy Gutierrez, Nadine Harris, Christina Huber, Kirsten Jedamczik, Chuck Kooshian & Maria Trunk, Avi Kotkowski, Karen Lee, Lance Levine, Nicholas Luchenbill, Carl Maier, Miguel Martinez, Darrell McGahhey, Leti Ortiz, Paulo Peres, Heidi Phillips, Sarah Russell, Laurie Sayward, Kurt Van Wagner, Ron Wolfe, Lewis Woodyard, Mark Yerrington.