Past Exhibitions


International Eye of the Camera @ International Museum of Art
211 Montana, El Paso

On display through Sunday, August 1, 2018

Judge: Manuel Rosas

Photos of the opening are at Facebook.

Congratulations to the winners!

1. Best in Show Lance Levine - Man at Cross, New Mexico
2. First Place Carl Maier - White Sands Wall
3. Second Place Heidi Phillips - Atlantic Hammock
4. Third Place Leti Ortiz – Heart and Soul
5. Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust Jarred Cynor – Lingering
6. Allen Sheffield Memorial Award Lewis Woodyard – Terminal
7. El Paso Scene Cover Award – Sarah Russell – Tularosa Valley
8. Judges Award Heidi Phillips - The Old Dance Hall
9. Judges Award Kurt Van Wagner - U Bein Foot Bridge, Myanmar
10. Judges Award Karen Lee – Canyon de Chelly
11. Honorable Mention Ronald Wolfe – Still Life
12. Honorable Mention Avi Kotkowski - Harmony
13. Honorable Mention Nicholas Luchenbill – Day 500
14. Honorable Mention Sarah Russell - Alba a Venezia
15. Selfie Award – Laurie Sayward – Say Yes to Love


StarSpangledAmerica 2018.JPG

Star Spangled AMERICA

Crossland Gallery @ 500 W. Paisano
On display through Saturday, August 4, 2018

Special Thank you to Gary & Andrea Crossland.  Judge Bob Snead.

See Photos from the Opening on Facebook.  

Congrats to the Winners!
1. Best in Show - Mario Ulloa
2. First Place - Bert Saldana
3. Second Place - Mark Yerrington
4. Third Place - Robert Dozal
5. Crossland Award - Mark Yerrington
6. Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust Award - Jean Holzenthaler
7. Benavidez-Patterson 82nd “All Airborne” Award - Jill Font
8. Benavidez-Patterson 82nd “All Airborne” Award - Christina Huber
9. Benavidez-Patterson 82nd “All Airborne” Award - Ramiro Ordonez
10. Judges Award - Linda Szilvasy
11. Judges Award - Susan Guile
12. Judges Award - Cesar Barraza
13. Honorable Mention - Victoria Hernandez
14. Honorable Mention - Leti Ortiz
15. Honorable Mention - Hector Castillo
16. Honorable Mention - Seph Torres
17. Honorable Mention - Darrell McGahhey


Crossland Gallery Facebook Posts with tons of yummy photos! 

Best of Show and 1st Place photos

Other Award Winners

Opening Photos One

Opening Photos Two

Congrats to the On the Menu Spring 2018 WINNERS !
1. Best in Show - Julie Caffe-Cruz
2. First Place - Hector Castillo
3. Second Place - John MacKenzie
4. Third Place - Kurt Van Wagner
5. Yearbook Cover Award - Nancy Bissell
6. Judges Award - Krystyna Robbins
7. Judges Award - Jacques Barriac
8. Judges Award - Mark Yerrington
9. Honorable Mention - Cesar Barraza
10. Honorable Mention - Carmen Navar
11. Honorable Mention - Jean Holzenthaler
12. Honorable Mention - Shalyly Martinez
On the Menu Sponsor Awards:
1. Anson 11 : Ruben Archuletta & Family
2. Kona Grill : Rachel Murphree
3. Tabla : Patricia Baca
4. Corralito Steakhouse : John W. MacKenzie
5. Landry’s Seafood : Dorian Clouser
6. L & J Café : Ramiro Ordonez
7. L & J Café : Teresa Fernandez
8. Chuy’s : Julie Caffe Cruz
9. Chuy’s : Reggie Watterson
10. Chuy’s : Venessa Sargredo
11. Twin Peaks : Kirsten Jedamczik
12. Bricktown Tap Hose and Kitchen : Kurt Van Wagner
13. The Pizza Joint : Angel Ortiz
14. Macs Place : Allen Sheffield


epcc scholarship.jpg

EPCC Scholarship Show.  March 2018.  

See more photos from the show and the opening at our Facebook page

Sponsored by The Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust. 

Congrats to the WINNERS at the con.FIGURE.ation.four.2018
Award Show & Sale

con.FIGURE.ation.four.2018 was judged by artist Bassel Wolfe, long time El Paso artist. Thank You to all who entered!

1. Best in Show: Ramiro Ordonez
2. First Place: Mario Ulloa
3. Second Place: Diana Dieguez-Enriquez
4. Third Place: Ramiro Ordonez
5. The Chuck Close Award for Portraiture: Darrell McGahhey
6. The Annie Liebovitz Award for Photography: Kurt Van Wagner
7. Judges Award: John W. MacKenzie
8. Judges Award: Mark Yerrington
9. Judges Award: Patrick Jay Romo
10. Honorable Mention: Victor Camacho
11. Honorable Mention: Felix Arenas

PUSH PIN AWARDS Judged By Nacho L. Garcia Jr.
12. Push Pin Award for Life Drawing: Rene B. Sanders
13. Honorable Mention: C. Manny Guerra
14 Honorable Mention: Estelle Goldman

3D Award was judged by sculptor Ho Baron
15. 3D Figure Award: Krystyna Robbins

Read all about the opening and see photos at our FB page

ARTS INTERNATIONAL 2017 celebrated its 50th year as bringing the best of the best in creativity, style and technique to a region filled with art enthusiasts and collectors. Impressive with its large galleries, the IMA is a grand, desirable venue for art and artists to display their work, not to mention, a boon for any artists CV. View Newspaper articles through our history here and here! 

Arts International 2017 Winners!  See photos of their art at this Arts International facebook post:

  • Best of Show: Paul DuMond
  • 1st Place: Gerardo Chavez
  • 2nd Place: Patt Robles
  • 3rd Place: Ramiro Ordonez
  • Eugene Thurston Memorial: Renee Mullis
  • Lelaroy Williams Memorial: Johnnie Gubanski
  • Woman's Club of El Paso: Danny Jimenez
  • El Paso Scene Honorable Mention:  Danny Jimenez
  • El Paso Scene Cover Award: Joey Avalos
  • Catherine Kistenmacher Memorial: Dorian Clouser
  • Sanford C. Cox Jr. Memorial: Kathryn Johnson
  • Alfred Blumenthal Memorial: Danny Jimenez
  • Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust: Marina Savitsky
  • Flo Estes Navar Memorial: Julie Caffee Cruz
  • Gary Boggs Memorial: Christopher Garcia
  • Zanelli Family Foundation: Raul Dorn
  • Robert Dozal Fine Art: Hannah Luse
  • Honorable Mention: Raul Dorn
  • Honorable Mention: Kristal Rivera Pena
  • Honorable Mention: Hector Castillo
  • Honorable Mention: Christa Stevens
  • Judge's Award: Paul DuMond
  • Judge's Award: Jesse Burgos
  • Judge's Award Figure: Mario Ulloa
  • Judge's Award Drawing: Winfrey Hearst
  • Judge's Award Nature: Sandra Martin
  • Judge's Award Abstract: Andrew Drewes

Locally known and nationally renowned artist Lubya Titovets judged the accepted artworks that include the top ranking 142 pieces from 68 artists.  


  • Best in Show -- Rami Scully – Hueco Tanks III
  • Best Water Media – Ramiro Ordonez – All that JAZZ!
  • Best Pastel – Bob Adams – High Mountain
  • Best Plein Air – Winfrey Hearst – Holy Cross Court Yard
  • Judges Award – Beverly Messer – Stormy Weather
  • Judges Award – Robert Dozal - Upheaval
  • Honorable Mention – Andrea Rio – Corner of Barcelona
  • Honorable Mention Cesar Barraza – Spanish Countryside
  • Judged by New Mexico artist  Nancy FROST BEGIN
  • Check out her amazing work at

Fresh Faces 2 Hybrid

My America! 2017  See more show photos at our Facebook page album.

6 x 2 d-Luxe: Member exhibit 2017.  
Andrea Boccacino, Candy Mayer, Allen Sheffield, Maria Socorro
Muñoz, Reggie Watterson, and Mark Yerrington.  

Colors of the WILD: ROAR! 2017

CON.FIGURE.ATION.THREE.2017 winners.   see Show photos and photos from the opening. 

Arts International Winners  2016 --  Judged by Gaspar Enriquez

Best in Show Robert Dozal – Megann at Monarch.  1st Place Robert Dozal – Dance at Rio Bosque.  2nd Place John Armbruster – Asimir.  3rd Place K. Keith Kochenour lll – Returning to Merlin’s Castle.   Lelaroy Williams Memorial Award Julie Caffeé-Cruz - Beauty in Balance.  Eugene Thurston Memorial Award for the Southwest Landscape   David Fickett -- La Mesa.  Alfred Blumenthal Memorial Award Wanda Richardson – Sand Sea & Skies.  Catherine Kistenmacher Award Ricardo Ordonez - Nopales. Huthsteiner Fine Arts Trust Award Estelle Goldman - Shirley. The El Paso Woman’s Club Centennial Award Penny Simpson – Apple Pie.  El Paso Scene Cover Award  Ricardo Ordonez - Nopales. Gary Boggs Memorial Award  Maximos - Catrina. Judges Award Patricia Stockmeyer – The Rio Grande. Judges Award  Paul DuMond – Refining Area at Sunrise. Honorable Mention Frank Valdez    Mother + Brother.  Honorable Mention Leticia Luevanos Undulating #8

IEOTC 2016. International Eye of the Camera

 Good Company Members & Invited Artists August 2016.  See  show photos.

Good Company Members & Invited Artists August 2016.  See show photos.

 My America 2016.  See  Show Photos

My America 2016.  See Show Photos

 Various Visions Member Exhibit.   2016.  See  Show Photos

Various Visions Member Exhibit.   2016.  See Show Photos

 Summer Stir member exhibit 2015  See  Show Photos

Summer Stir member exhibit 2015  See Show Photos

YISD Scholarship Exhibit 2017

"A Day in Paradise" Members exhibit 2016. Artists: Don Beene, Sandy Lenderman, Darrell McGahhey, Nasario Olvera, Richard Parra & Wanda Richardson.  

 Colors of Song 2016.  See  Show Photos  and more  Show Photos

Colors of Song 2016.  See Show Photos and more Show Photos

 Seeing with the Mind's Eye  EPISD High School Scholarship Exhibit 2016. See  Show Photos.

Seeing with the Mind's Eye  EPISD High School Scholarship Exhibit 2016. See Show Photos.

 International Eye of the Camera 2015.  See  Show Photos

International Eye of the Camera 2015.  See Show Photos

 Colors of Spring 2015  See  Show Photos

Colors of Spring 2015  See Show Photos

 Con.FIGURE.ation 2015.  See  Show Photos

Con.FIGURE.ation 2015.  See Show Photos

  Clint ISD student scholarship show  March 2015.  See  Show Photos  and more  Show Photos
 Con.FIGURE.artion 2016 See  Show Photos  and  more photos

Con.FIGURE.artion 2016 See Show Photos and more photos

 Western Impressions 2015.  See Show Photos

Western Impressions 2015.  See Show Photos