2019 EPAA Board of Directors

1.   Robert Word – President - Class of 2020

2.   OPEN - Class of 2020

3.   Dorian Clouser- Member-at-Large - Class of 2020

4.   Darrell McGahhey - Vice President - Class of 2019

5.   Stephanie Conwell – Treasurer - Class of 2019

6.   Elisabeth Sommer - Member-at-Large - Class of 2019

7.   Jean Holzenthaler - M ember-at-Large - Class of 2021

8.   Nabil Gonzalez - Member-at-Large - Class of 2021

9.   Debra De Santis - Secretary - Class of 2021

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the business and affairs of the Association.

Board members are elected annually by the membership and and each serves a three year term. The Board members are not compensated for this service. Phone (915.534.7477) or email the EPAA office if you wish to address the Board or contact a specific Board member.

Sanford Cox Jr.  1929 - 2017

Sanford and Holly met at church many moons ago and together they traversed the landscape of life in love for over 59 years.  Sanford was smitten with both Holly Thurston and her world of art.  Holly came from a family of El Paso artists and she was to follow in that tradition by creating cutting edge abstract artworks and becoming a staple of the art community.  Sanford was by her side through it all, arriving together at each art event and offering a witty hello and a glance at the snacks hoping for a chocolate goody.  They would arrive together as if they were one and the years never slowed them down. Sanford was always by her side. We will remember those days fondly and hold them dear in our hearts. 

Sanford’s dedication to the arts was broadened once again when he became an EPAA Board of Director’s Vice-President and where his legal advice was welcomed as by-laws were written.  Over the years his contributions to the EPAA were many. Sanford Cox Jr. will be greatly missed and fondly remembered. 
- Karla Zanelli